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“Individually handmade, crafted ceramics for you, your family and friends”

When at school, I was always creative and interested in art and generally found to be doodling in my workbooks! Back in the late ‘70s, it wasn’t an easy option to go to art college and despite being given an opportunity to take my Art A Level over one year in the lower 6th, I opted to leave school to earn money. Over the years since then, I became increasingly dissatisfied in my decision to “simply earn money” and chose to train as a psychotherapist, going on to work in the NHS. To fulfil my creativity I joined art groups, typically painting in watercolour and was fortunate enough to sell some of my work during this time.

More latterly though, two-dimensional work never felt quite enough – and I’d always been curious about how pots are made and fascinated by the likeness of portraiture in statues. So, several years ago I travelled to Devon to take part in sculpture classes and whilst I loved the experience, again wasn’t quite reconciled to the idea that this was the right thing for me. I found myself searching for something else again. I’d seen local ceramics classes being advertised and eventually became fortunate enough to grasp a place! My passion for clay and hand building began, and when the course finished during that first Summer, I knew that I had to find further opportunities for me to increase my learning. I haven’t stopped since that time – noticing the inspiration, happiness, satisfaction and willingness to take a leap of faith, by retiring early and establishing a ceramics studio where I can work more of the time, creating versatile ceramics for everyday use alongside forms with a more sculptural emphasis.

I’m drawn to texture, elegance and neutral colours. I feel that handmade pottery is very much like a person’s life and reflects the potter’s touch from the outset – being taken from the bag wet and heavy, and difficult to manage, through to the design, moulding, glazing and firing. The pottery is never perfect in shape – a little like being human, the ceramics I design reflect my personality and life experience.

Lorraine Clifton

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